Why choose and trust PearZap

  • High focus on smartcontracts security
  • No migrator code and no proxy in our smartcontracts
  • Successful security audit before launch
  • Timelock since launch
  • Timelock developer and project fund addresses are protected by a hardware wallet from Ledger
  • Anti-whale and anti-bot features

Community driven

  • Community driven : We listen closely to our community and project priorities will be defined and voted by our community
  • Features fair launch : Each new feature starts at a determined block accessible to everyone
  • Competitive deposit fees : Deposit fees will be adjusted when required during the project to keep them attractive for new investors.

Fair launch

  • Presale for large liquidities at launch and fast price stabilization
  • Presale initial liquidities locked

Long-term & experience

  • Experienced development team from the Ethereum ecosystem
  • Ready to be deployed soon on BSC, xDai and Fantom chain

Roadmap & Transparency

  • Serious roadmap with clear milestones
  • Transparency is a priority for us. Each Timelock transaction will be signaled and documented for the community.
  • Ambition to reach top 3 DEX rank on Polygon chain within the next 6 months
  • Long term project vision
  • Multichain and evolutive project
  • Focus on serious marketing and partnerships, we only pick the best
$PEAR token


Token features and utilities

✔️ Automatic high burn mechanism

✔️ Token holders redistribution

✔️ Anti-whale system

✔️ Anti-bot system

✔️ Multichain token

✔️ Access to unique PearZap features and contest

✔️ Referral earnings for you friends earnings

✔️ Automatic distribution to the lottery pot

✔️ Auto-compounding

✔️ Ready for vault strategies

✔️ DAO token

✔️ Yield farming token

✔️ Capped supply to maximum 60,000,000 tokens

✔️ Controlled and programmed emission rate (token minting per block)

✔️ Manual burn mechanism on special events and when needed


* Polygon is a protocol and a framework for building and connecting Ethereum-compatible blockchain networks. Aggregating scalable solutions on Ethereum supporting a multi-chain Ethereum ecosystem.